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After attending what is now the University of North Alabama , Scott spent a decade and a half in the field of commercial illustration.

Scott has produced the cover art and story illustrations for a number of magazines and publications.  His original mixed media paintings for which he holds several "Best of Show" awards, hang in collections from Maine to Mexico and his prints worldwide.  

His work is characterized by a meticulous mastering of detail and a thorough understanding of his subject.  It is with such realism that Scott has approached the original paintings from which these prints were produced.













Scenes of the South


In his continuing series Scott makes an attempt to remind all of us of a small part of our heritage and that we can and should value the beauty of our old historic treasures. 


Although many have been lost to progress or neglected and forgotten, the remnants of a few of our antique structures can be found along the old, less traveled highways.  Yet some are still thriving, still contributing, and still our progressive heritage.

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A painting of the John P Cable Mill

Howard Jackson Store











A painting of feeding canvas backs


Red-Breasted Mergansers

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A native of northern Alabama, Scott spent most of his formative years living on or near Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge where his father was employed.  Here, at a very early age, he became familiar with the sights, sounds, and habits of most species of the North American waterfowl. 

Scott has spent countless hours in the outdoors studying and sketching waterfowl and long tedious sittings capturing them on canvas.  You will notice in Scott's wildlife work his extreme attention to detail and a strong love of his subject.

















Kids & Dogs


Each of us has special memories of our youth spent with our trusty companion in a carefree and simpler time.  We would valiantly explore the world, side by side, through misty mornings and hot summer afternoons.  Scott is no exception.  In this series he depicts just such times in a realistic and highly detailed manner.

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Days End












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